About us

The ARIDSS, Meerut, under the Department of Defence Studies, Meerut College, Meerut is a research institute on Security Studies, Area Studies, International Relations & Social Science related research activities. ARIDSS is an autonomous, non-profitable and non-political membership - based research organization registe#A31530 under the Society Registration Act (977, 2011-12 & 2017-18). It is a governed by an Executive Council. The vision of ARIDSS is to join leading National, International, Regional and Sub - Regional areas in conceptualizing various aspects of Security & International Relations special area of India (North - East) and (South East) Asia. ARIDSS aspires to attract leading thinkers of Social Science, Scholars, Academicians and Media Persons to deliberate on all facets of Security and International Relations. ARIDSS also regularly organizes seminars and conferences, workshops and guest lectures and undertakes research projects on National Security, International Security related Issues. Since its inception in May 2010, ARIDSS has evolved its activities and research. Publication of the ARIDSS Research Journal `Suraksha Chintan` (ISSN 0976-3163) commenced in July-2010. In addition to its academic activities ARIDSS regularly published another research journal "International Journal of Social Science, ARIDSS (ISSN 2250-0812) with collaboration of India Studies Centre, Bangkok, Thailand. ARIDSS signed MoU with United Service Institution of India (USI), New Delhi regarding Joint Projects, Joint Seminars and Joint Publication.

Objectives of ARIDSS :

1. To act as a national forum for integrated développement of Social Sciences in India.
2. To advance and Promote the cause and research for Social Sciences.
3. To make Social science teaching and research socially relevant.
4. To undertake evolution of Social science teaching and research in India.
5. To function as a centre for exchange of ideas among scholars at different universities and institutions related to Social Sciences.
To undertake cooperative and multi-disciplinary research in the area having relevance to National Security, Area Studies, Regional Studies and International Relations.
6. To hold an annual congress at a suitable Place.
7. To publish proceedings, Journals, monographs, books etc.
8. To hold seminars, conference, Lectures and workshops on relevant and contemporary national and International strategic issues and themes.
9. To collaborate with national and International organizations NGOs, IGOs in the field of Area Study and Social Sciences.